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I will gratefully receive product samples from companies and PR agencies without anything asked in return. The samples will never affect a given review and a review is not guaranteed. As a blogger my loyalty lies with my readers first and foremost. I strive for maximum integrity. This is to ensure that the readers experience isn't endangered by any third party involvement.


This website covers a wide array of areas. The author does not make any claims on holding an education in the specific area unless stated. Personal opinions and statements are therefore given based on the experiences and knowledge of the author herself. The author is not responsible for information that may be out of date or incorrect. Third parties such as PR agencies and companies will not be able to influence the content on this website. The content on this website are created by the author unless specified.


The content on this website are covered under copyright law. Images, logotypes and brands belongs to its respective owner(s). It is forbidden to use any published work for personal or commercial use without permission from its respective owner(s). Before using any published work created by the author, please contact The content is not allowed to be sold, copied or published in other media without written permission. Any copyright infringement will be dealt with accordingly.


I aim to cooperate with those companies that can add a relevant value to the blog and its readers. This website may contain partnerships with companies and/or PR agencies. Sponsored posts are usually marked with "Sponsored by" or "In association with". The blogger's review of a product is not in any way affected by its sponsor(s). The blogger does also not guarantee that the content in these posts are affirmative. The reviews are based on the opinion of the blogger alone.

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Affiliate links and adlinks may be presented on this website. The author does not take responsibility for the functionality of these links. The author also receives a provision for any purchases made upon visiting the external sites.


While comments on the blog are encouraged, the author has the right to remove those comments that contains disturbing material or comments of a repeated nature. The author does not take responsibility for what is being posted in the comment field. Advertising in the comment field is forbidden and the comment will be removed immediately.

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In order to post a comment, required fields are asked to be filled in. Personal information such as name and e-mail are being published once the comment is posted. Personal information will not be given out to third parties unless the situation calls for it. These situations could be, but are not limited to, affairs regarding the police and other legal matters.


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